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This blog is (was) written and created by myself and my good friend Corey. We met in Brooklyn when our first borns were only a few months old. Probably at the Dojo, an open playspace for babies, where new moms could meet other new moms.  A lot of great friendships came out of that place.

Corey and I are embarking on new and similar paths as we are both leaving Brooklyn this summer and heading to the burbs. Even though our destinations are different, we do share an enthusiasm and open-mindedness about the next chapter in our lives.

This blog is not intended to bash Brooklyn or the burbs. Well, if we did that, we’d run out of friends pretty fast. All kidding aside, we both love and enjoy different aspects of city and country life. And we’re not saying because we are moving to the burbs that it’s better. Our individual values and how we each define quality of life makes us all very distinct.

This blog is purely for entertainment, and take it for what it is. A somewhat humorous journal about our new encounters and transitions into suburbia as families. With some occasional added value, solely from our own unique experiences and perspectives, of raising kids in and outside of Brooklyn.

Lastly, expect spelling and grammar mistakes (at least from me!), as we will be writing from our iphones, juggling the kids, coffee, or a glass of vino, when after 5pm. And this is our first blog– be nice! Please help us spread the word. Share with your friends on Facebook and in your neighborhood if you like what we have to say.

Happy reading.



8 thoughts on “About our Blog

  1. Jean Bartlett says:

    will be very interested in your growth as you face another chapter in your lives. Corey I know you are always learning from new experiences so this will be fun to follow

  2. Thais says:

    All I can say is Welcome and that what you hear/think is somewhat true, but, what people don’t tell you is that it is NOT ALL like the stereotype you have in your mind from the movies, etc. We lived in Brooklyn for one year (Bed Stuy!!) and we have been in Darien for the past 6 years. I love them both for different reasons – I will always miss the multicultural environment I had there, however, I did not have the greenery and the beauty of New England small towns. Hope you enjoy like we did/do!! I look forward to your posts! I think I willl relive some of my own mischiefs through you! All the best! Thais

  3. alison says:

    So thankful you guys are sharing your journey! Such a hot topic right now in my 30 something age group, and trying to sort out BK vs burbs isn’t very clear cut. So appreciate that you are telling it like it is

  4. micheledemont says:

    Funny–my family is fleeing the ‘burbs of Connecticut for Brooklyn! Selling our home with all of that coveted space for a tiny apartment and less yard work!

    Good luck to you! I hope homeownership and the suburbs treat you better than it did me.

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