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May 11, 2015 by fifi + hop


Dear Friends and Brooklyn to the Burbs followers,

I’ve loved all your support and feedback over the past couple of years, and this blog wouldn’t have been able to reach the success it did without you. Which is why I wanted to tell you about a new venture, and blog, I’ve started called fifi + hop – a family travel blog. As fun as it has been writing about my experiences of moving from city to suburban life, my real passion lies in travel, and travel writing. The concept of a family travel blog has been brewing within me for some time, and I’m finally making it happen. fifi + hop focuses on all the fun family escapes and trips out there, both near and far. My posts will incorporate smaller trips (i.e. a trip to a local museum) and bigger ones (such as Italy, which I write about). The idea is that travel and adventure with kids can happen anywhere, even in your own back yard (Westchester for me). There are so many places to explore and show our children, and giving them a sense of adventure can happen 10 minutes away just as much as it can happen 20 hours away.

I have started the blog off with some posts already in place, with many more to come. My hope is for fifi + hop to be an informal family guide for all those who love to travel with their kids just as much as I do. Please check it out and I hope you can follow me on both blogs! Just like this blog, you can follow via email, Facebook or both. And please share with all your friends!!!

I hope you enjoy it and thank you!


– Corey


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