Contemplating a move to Westchester? Let this city mom-turned-local real estate agent help you


April 5, 2014 by fifi + hop

As our blog has discussed countless times, many NYC parents with growing families eventually come to face the same dilemma – do we stay or do we go? Pros and cons to both, it can be a tough decision to make. Sonya W. Cronin, a Real Estate Salesperson in Westchester County (specifically Larchmont, Mamaroneck and New Rochelle) knows exactly the debate all of us moms and dads go through, and shares her own personal story about moving from the city to the burbs. If you’re looking to move outside of the city, yet still with a close commute, see Sonya’s story and contact info. below:


“At some point, every New Yorker or Brooklyner with children contemplates what was once unthinkable – should we leave the city for the burbs?? Four years ago, my husband and I asked ourselves the same question. Our once spacious 1BR apartment could no longer hold our growing and suddenly mobile 8 month old daughter! When we realized we were priced-out of the 2BR market, we knew it was time for us to leave……


My husband grew up in Southern Westchester so for him the decision was easy, Larchmont. Having grown up in San Diego myself, it was hard for me to imagine leaving the city and the community I’d grown to love over 10 years. My main trepidation about the suburbs was the change in lifestyle; I loved walking everywhere and getting food delivery. Well, we’ve been living in Larchmont for four years now and I can honestly say I cannot imagine living anywhere else. Being walking distance from the train, school, and parks, this lovely town easily meets the needs of my family of 5! With many community events bringing everyone together throughout the year (our family’s favorite being the concerts in Memorial Park during the summer) and great local activities- my daughter’s favorite being ice skating and dance; it’s hard to remember having lived anywhere else. Walks to Central Park were replaced by walks to the Manor Beach and showing my kids the sailboats in the Long Island Sound. Now, when I long for NYC I just hop on the train. In 35 minutes I’m in Grand Central Station…”




“Leaving the city doesn’t need to be a compromise on your lifestyle – I’m living proof! Let me introduce you to a cosmopolitan suburban lifestyle that is the best of both worlds! Your family’s dream home awaits.” Click here to view my newest listing and website.


Sonya W. Cronin

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Houlihan Lawrence

2070 Boston Post Rd.

Larchmont, NY 10538

Cell: 917-596-1272

Find me on Facebook



2 thoughts on “Contemplating a move to Westchester? Let this city mom-turned-local real estate agent help you

  1. jacquie says:

    i need help … a lot of help. I have 3 middle school kids al in private schools in Chicago, which we love. My husband as a next job in midtown and I am petrified to leave the city. Love Brooklyn Poly Prep for kids, just not sure were could live and get a little space…Ditmas? Or we like Larchmont and Hastings-on-Hudson (both feel less stuffy than some other towns9…any feel for those two communities for comparison?. We are in our late 40s…establish family of three great kids who are into sports, we’re fun people with lots of energy!

    WE have to make a decision in 2.5 weeks whether we stay in our schools here in Chicago for
    another year or take the plunge to NY — thoughts?

  2. Corey, Brooklyn to the Burbs says:

    Hi Jacquie,

    That is a tough one! It’s hard to leave a place you love. But if you decide to go for NYC I think you are looking at some great options. You mentioned sports, and both Larchmont and Poly Prep are good choices as far as that’s concerned. I’m not as familiar with Hastings as we didn’t look there and I’ve only been through the town once. I don’t know much about Ditmas but in general we found for more run around space and interior space, we had to move out of Brooklyn. We were priced out where we were – Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens – but who knows about some of the other hoods. Really, I was just ready to leave the city. It is such a personal decision that I’m not sure how to guide you. I have die hard city friends that would never dream of raising their kids in the burbs! But with Larchmont, it’s only a 35 minute commute, can’t beat it. Hope that helps at least a little 😉

    Thanks for reading our blog – Corey

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