Winter in Westchester (and activities check list)


March 3, 2014 by fifi + hop

This winter, with all of its storms and below freezing temps, has in some ways been a better winter for me than last, and I attribute that in large part due to the fact that it’s our second winter here. Last year this time the cold and isolation really hit me in a way I wasn’t quite prepared for. Where are all the people? What should we do? Where do we go?! There’s so much at your fingertips in the city that you take for granted, that suddenly not having all of those options left me feeling a bit..confused.

But our second winter here has been a different year for us. We discovered new places, and my “staycation” with my girls over February break proved to be limitless in activities. So, for all of those families wondering about how to keep busy in the burbs during the winter months, and for those of you contemplating a move here to southern Westchester and want to know the answers (as some have asked), here is a list of fun-filled activities to do with your families:

Ice Skating: We go to Hommocks Rink in Mamaroneck. I used to figure skate growing up, my brothers played hockey, so it has been a lot of fun to do that all over again. We skate, take a hot chocolate break, watch the zamboni, and skate some more.

The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk. Great aquarium with lots of interactive activities. Highlights for us are the shark tank, touching the sting rays, the giant sea turtle and the jelly fish.


Stepping Stones Children’s Museum in Norwalk. Just like the ones in the city.

The Rock Club in New Rochelle: Rock climbing for all ages with different sized walls and the nicest staff ever. We are definitely going back – one of the more unique things to do and the girls took off and LOVED it.


Plaster Palace Pottery in Larchmont. A nice selection of pottery to choose from and paint. Took my little ballerina there who painted little ballerina slippers and they are now in a sacred place in her room.

Creative Corner in Larchmont. Various after-school art activities for different age groups.

Sledding: lots of sledding this winter! Flint Park in Larchmont a fave with people, but we have an awesome hill right next to our building.

Legoland in Yonkers. We went there this weekend, kids went nuts. In addition to lego building, there are two rides, a big multi-level play space with slides, etc., 15 minute movie theatre, karaoke, and ramps to run your newly built lego cars down. Fun, fun, fun.

The Bruce Museum in Greenwich: small museum but always something for the whole family, from contemporary art to children’s shows. Their animal/nature permanent exhibitions are always a hit.

Taking the train into the city. After taking the train to Grand Central to see a show earlier this winter, not sure what the girls liked more – Broadway or the train ride. We plan to do it a lot more – so easy to hop on train and go to all major NYC museums.

Larchmont Public Library. Love this little library.

Activities we haven’t done yet but want to: Emelin Theatre in Mamaroneck – various shows for all ages. Skiing – yes, we haven’t gone skiing yet. But we will next winter and being out of the city makes it all the more accessible many ski resorts a short drive away.

I think that’s it – any activities you want to share, please do so!

– Corey



3 thoughts on “Winter in Westchester (and activities check list)

  1. I can’t believe we haven’t run into you at Hommocks! We practically live there in the winter. Great list – and one to add if you have the patience for it, New Roc City arcade. They have kid games and some rides.

    • Corey, Brooklyn to the Burbs says:

      Thanks for the New Roc City addition! Funny we haven’t seen you at Hommocks – we go about twice a week – Tuesday afternoons and either a Sat. or Sun. But we didn’t start going until January and on weekends late in the day (which I am trying to do earlier now bc too crowded). I will look out for you! (and we are always there Tues. after school for lessons..)

      • We are there Wednesday evening, Friday afternoon and Saturday mornings. Plus random times when we need an activity. We will keep an eye out for you too!

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