First Year in the Burbs

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September 2, 2013 by fifi + hop

It’s officially been a year since we moved to Larchmont. A lot can happen in a year, how true that is. We came here knowing 1 family, and not much about the town except that it had come into our search at the 11th hour, based on a “vibe” I got. Good schools were a mandatory part of our search, of course, but beyond that we really hadn’t researched anything about the town. When we drove by the Sound and then into the quaint neighborhoods both by the water and up into “Larchmont Woods”, I started to foresee a possible new life forming. I hadn’t felt that way in the other towns we were looking at – I was trying, but they just didn’t feel right to me. It really was an inner feeling I had when I told my broker “This is it, I don’t want to look anywhere else” – in July, when not much was on the rental market anymore. After a mad, sweaty and anxious search, we finally found our rental apartment.

Aaaahhh..out of the city a last – huge sigh of relief.  My back-breaking city days with the kids were over, thank god I felt at the time. I had wondered if we had stayed in the city too long. Then the novelty of it all little by little started to brush away, and come the later fall and winter months I wondered what the hell we were doing. Life felt isolating in this still new town where I was trying to make connections – from my car. Not on foot, but inside a vehicle with tinted windows. That was a big adjustment for me. The isolating time I went through here was definitely a difficult one. But one I eventually overcame and have come to love – honestly, I can’t imagine walking for miles with the kids anymore. I love having my car, and how much easier it makes my life.

Then, in the dead of winter months, when I get super depressed anyways, I wondered, Is Larchmont the right town for us?  My biggest issue, one that I always wondered if it would snag me in the end, was the land factor. Or the lack of land factor. For a while I just couldn’t get passed it. Why do all the houses have to be so close to one another, why can’t some of them have some land? (Which of course some do, but really, there’s not much land here). Why did we move out of the city to a place where we can get no land? It gnawed away at me for a long time, carrying me through the winter, making me wonder if Larchmont wasn’t going to work out for us.

I felt this way into Spring, and then, I don’t know if it was the warmer months cheering me up or what, but being out and about at the parks and the beach, and seeing so many people I hadn’t before, and finally feeling like I was connecting, I came to recognize what a very strong sense of community Larchmont has, kinda like Brooklyn Heights – sort of. Wherever we went, it seemed, my girls knew people and ran into friends from school and camp. This summer we all had a blast, particularly them. Can’t lie – me too – hence the no posts for a while. But I had fun, and in this strange way felt very entitled to all the playing, because I had felt so cheated of a real summer for so many years.

Yes, the no land thing bothers me. But what this town has is a close-knit community with phenomenal resources for my kids, and plenty of congregational points for them to run around and be social at the same time. I grew up with land, which I’m nostalgic for, but I did not grow up with instant play dates around me. I love that my girls have a more natural way of running into other people than I did.  And I can always get my land after they’ve gone through school – when I can tell you I will not be paying these bloody taxes anymore! (Assuming we find a house -not an easy feat in this town – our next step in our “move to the burbs”…)

Happy 1st Year Anniversary to Brooklyn to the Burbs!!

– Corey



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