Happy One Year Anniversary Brooklyn to the Burbs!


July 18, 2013 by Colleen Morris

Thank you to all of our 445+ followers on WordPress, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for following our journey as city moms moving to the burbs. It’s been quite a first year with many ups and downs transitioning to life in suburbia.

On the whole though, my family and I had a great year, especially this spring, discovering new parks, playgrounds, nature preserves, kid activities, museums, shops and eateries mostly in Fairfield County. Leading up to an even better summer enjoying, my most favorite part of living in Darien, the beach.

Now that I’ve made some really great friends here (for me and the kids), it’s actually been more fun doing all of these new activities in the burbs with other families. And I really look forward to the next phase of transitioning from newcomer to local. However, I think that will take at least a few years. I’ve got a ways to go on learning the back roads, and still need to play paddle tennis!

Funny enough, on our one year anniversary of Brooklyn to the Burbs, I actually spent the afternoon with my dear friend and blogging partner Corey. The kids had a great time playing in the sand and cooling off in the water at Weed Beach, while we chatted away about our new way of life in the burbs.

Thanks again to all of our readers who repeatedly “like” our photos, stories and tidbits of information. I really appreciate your support and indulgence in my blogging hobby. And keep a look out for a new post coming soon from another city mom who recently moved to the burbs.

Happy One Year Anniversary Brooklyn to the Burbs!

Our Kids at Weed Beach


One thought on “Happy One Year Anniversary Brooklyn to the Burbs!

  1. Jean says:

    Have enjoyed reading about your transition. Was lovely to see the Children together again.

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