Katonah on My Mind


May 13, 2013 by fifi + hop

When my family asked me what I wanted to do for Mother’s Day, I said I wanted to go to Katonah, one of my favorite towns in Westchester. Situated in a strikingly beautiful part of the county (technically a part of Bedford), rolling country roads with farmhouses surround the town. Closer to the center of town, Victorian houses line the streets, and the main street is as quaint and charming as they come. One of those bucolic towns you happen upon, as we did driving around last year trying to get a feel for all of Westchester. It also has an artsy vibe – a little more low-key than some of its surrounding neighbors – which I dig. The Katonah Museum of Art is famous in its own right.


I fell in love with the town when we visited (and then a few other times when I went back to check it out as well), but we never looked at homes there because it’s far. At least an hour train ride to Grand Central – and when one needs to then get to the far west side of Manhattan, very far. It also just has the feeling of being a ways out, as I realized yesterday, since it is a true country town – you need to access it from I 684 and not I 95. Yet still, if it weren’t for my husband’s work location I would have pushed for Katonah. Last summer, after spending a day there – perusing the main street, eating at the Blue Dolphin, playing in the lovely Memorial Park where the town pool and tennis courts are located – I would have moved there in a heart beat. I started doing all the research and declared it as the “perfect” town for us. It’s been on my mind ever since and whenever I see someone post something about Katonah or hear someone mention it I feel this swirl of excitement inside me.


I have had this feeling the whole time while living in Larchmont. I think part of me wanted to go visit yesterday because I simply like it there, and another part of me wanted to go and see how my reaction would be after living here for 9 months now.  I needed to find out whether I was going to continually still picture me and my family in one of those darling Victorians with their huge outdoor porches, and way more land than you get in Larchmont.


It’s good we went because as much as I still think it’s an idyllic little town, it didn’t necessarily stir me the way it did before. Maybe it’s a bit too out in the country, maybe a bit too small, or maybe a place for later – once the kids are grown- but whatever it is I realized how much I’ve come to love Larchmont and where it’s located. Easy to get into the city, and easy to get out to the country. You get the best of both worlds. Larchmont has really grown on me. The land factor is still a thorn in my leg (and I don’t want/need much!), but as with every NYC suburb something has to give. I feel strangely relieved.  Katonah has always been in the back of my mind, and I’ve always wondered – despite the commute- did we make the right decision? I think we did. The determining factor will be if we can find a house or not. Market is tight, inventory low, and everyone seems to be moving here. It’s outrageously expensive for what you get, and are we going to be able to make it work. I don’t know, but we will try. (Katonah, I will always heart you though).


For all of these reasons above, can I say once again – as I have in past posts – how much I highly recommend renting?! 

– Corey


One thought on “Katonah on My Mind

  1. You are a great writer, Westie! Love your entries. Happy belated Mother’s Day.

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