Warm Weather = Suburban Fun


April 12, 2013 by fifi + hop

Where did Spring go? Kind of glad it was a cold, wet rainy day today so that I was finally forced to write a post about all the outdoor activities I’ve been enjoying…have barely blinked at my computer as I’ve been having way too much fun this week. My girls too. What a difference a little warmth and sunshine can make – and as I’m learning, especially in the burbs.

Winter was a rough one this year, seems like it was for everyone. Bad sick season with the kids, constant looming grayness in the sky – and basically, it just wouldn’t end. But beyond that, it was our first suburban winter. I thought my issues with my least favorite time of the year (January – March) would somehow vastly improve by being out here and having a car. And having a car is a lifesaver and I would not give it up for a stroller (as I wrote about in my “I Love My Car” post), but it does pose other problems. Like being more isolated. Now that my older daughter is in Kindergarten, there is no more walking and taking her into school. I get in the car line, someone takes her out, and off she goes. My little one is at a preschool where parking is such an issue that you drop off and get the hell out of there- no time to be wasted. And not many people to bump into.


Yes, suburban winters are fairly isolating. You see way fewer people than you would in the city. It was a bit of a shock to the system. Having said that, we were also sick round the clock this winter so it wasn’t like we were planning all that many fun play dates or dinners with people – more like cancelling them. So I’m going forward with the thought that suburban winters are definately an adjustment, but hopefully the first one is always the toughest. Hopefully I’ve learned the ropes now to get me through next winter. Now that spring is here and summer upon us, I am so thrilled to be out here for all the fun that comes along with the suburban outdoors!


One of my top three reasons for moving out of the city: Summer. The thought of going through another summer in the city with that all too consuming NYC heat and god-awful smells is enough to send me over the edge.  Really looking forward to being on the beach without the weekend traffic hassle, playing tennis for the first time in years, and having access to the endless number of nature preserves, audubons and open green spaces in my immediate vicinity of Westchester and CT. I just signed up for a bunch of activities for me and my family, and I’m giddy like a school girl…feels like forever since I’ve had a real summer. But more importantly my kids are going to have a blast.


Some people have written asking about the various activities Larchmont has to offer. I have a feeling we’ll be spending a lot of time at Larchmont Manor Beach. Serenely located on the sound, one can join the beach club for a good price. They have events throughout the summer and offer swim lessons for the kids – right off a peninsula that jets out from the beach – out in the sound. Awesome. I got my tennis permit and have signed up for lessons. I live right across the street from the park which has the tennis courts I’ll be using, so I lucked out. Playing tennis in the city was a joke, as we all know. Ok fine, I guess if I got up at 6 a.m. every Saturday morning to sign up for a court it could have worked. Please. I signed my 5 year old up for lessons too – she is so excited. For camp we are doing the town camps, which cost a fraction of what I was paying for in Brooklyn. Of course if we had gone the private camp route it would have been a helluva lot more expensive, but great to have the option. There is also a public pool here at the middle school which we will probably join – not the best scenery but I hear is fun.


Then there is all the adventuring we will do, like trips to one of the various nature preserves, farms, bike rides, and long rambling scenic walks, all of which we did in the past week. Loving the burbs! Thinking the winter isolation is worth it…

– Corey





2 thoughts on “Warm Weather = Suburban Fun

  1. alison says:

    This was an interesting post to me as I always hate winters in the city and sort of envisioned they would be better in the suburbs. But now that I think about it, I’m not sure why. Suppose they both have pros and cons…car + isolation vs seeing randoms at the coffee shop + freezing treks. In a way, I think winters in the city are even a bit isolating. Thanks for sharing your story. Looking forward to hearing about all your summer fun!

    • Corey, Brooklyn to the Burbs says:

      I know, I had envisioned the same thing too. I was sort of taken by surprise. I also think (or hope) it had a lot to do with being my FIRST winter and the adjustment that goes with that. Basically though, winter just sucks all around!!!

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