House or Apartment?


March 3, 2013 by fifi + hop

I have been meaning to post something about this topic ever since Blizzard Nemo. Soon after the storm I had several conversations with different people all telling me the same thing – be glad you live in an apartment!

The Monday after the blizzard I was at my daughter’s ballet class, and the horror stories started coming out – from house owners that is. Two of the moms both had the police show up at their doors because they hadn’t shoveled their snow fast enough. They were working on it, just not quick enough. One family had it out with their neighbors (or their neighbors had it out with them) because there was confusion as to who was responsible for a certain portion of the snow. And the stories went on and on. Stuff as someone who lives in an apartment I have no exposure to, and happily so!

The next day we were at ice skating and I asked the teacher how she made out with the storm, and by the way, where did she live? She told me which town and I said oh what a pretty town to live in. She said yes, but in the past 5 years, with all the storms, not so nice or fun anymore. Sandy really did a number on her property. She wishes she lived in an apartment, and could just call up the super. Aaaaah yes I said, much easier. But we have no back yard.

Apartment living is pretty great in a lot of ways and has ironically been perfect for our transition to the burbs – one less thing we need to adjust to right away, the house. But I do want one some day, for all the reasons everyone else does. I’m not going to lie though – I’m nervous. Very nervous. Apart from the storm business, there is so much work that comes along with owning a house, and not having the super to call on a dime – after so many years of having that convenience – seems daunting to me. The upkeep, the maintenance, both inside and out, is frankly not making me in any rush to pick up the real estate section.

But I do still want the house. Eventually. I’d love to hear some of your thoughts – and house owners, relieve some of my anxiety, please!

– Corey



One thought on “House or Apartment?

  1. Gery says:

    Money pit for sure! But we are loving it, Corey. Can’t wait to get you guys there.

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