February 18, 2013 by fifi + hop

I’m sure some of you saw yesterday’s “Creating Hipsturbia in the Suburbs of New York” article in the Sunday Styles section of The New York Times. For those who didn’t, the link is attached below. We also posted it on our Facebook Page. It’s about the many people and families who have recently relocated from Brooklyn to the suburbs, bringing with them their creative professions and lifestyles, and recreating them in the burbs.


It’s funny because Saturday night my husband and I went out to dinner and we started to reminisce about Brooklyn. We were in Baltimore for the weekend and we went to this local eatery that reminded us so much of a Brooklyn restaurant. Naturally we began talking about all our favorite restaurants from the past, which turned into conversation about everything from our picturesque block where we lived to great neighbors to our old preschool. We even talked about how much we loved our corner store guys – and how much they took care of us – and how we’ll never find guys like those again. Not because good people like them don’t exist anywhere else, but because they are so quintessentially Brooklyn that only in Brooklyn can they be found.


The conversation slowly turned from sentimental tone to matter of fact tone…the move was a necessary one, it was bound to happen sooner or later, etc., etc. You all know the story. So to wake up the next day to the Creating Hipsturbia article, it was nice to read about so many other BK people going through the same thing. Of course I know we’re not the only ones, but I guess it was reassuring to hear the different stories of people continuing the creative things they were doing in Brooklyn, only in the suburbs now. And that in turn, many of these suburban towns are getting “creatively” boosted or revitalized. Win-win for everyone.


I love how at the end of the article one woman says she is still hanging on to her Brooklyn phone number. I can relate – I had a hard time deleting my home number out of my phone at first too. A friend of mine and I always used to say that later in life we would always look back on our BK years as “the days“. It’s true, like the woman with the phone number, I will always be sentimental about Brooklyn. But, I am also glad to now be out in the burbs…and especially glad when I read articles like these, which just go to show you have to look beyond certain stereotypes and generalizations about people and where they live.




– Corey



2 thoughts on “Hipsturbia

  1. alison says:

    So..from your experience so far… which of the Westchester suburbs do you feel is the most “brooklyn”… knowing that nothing will ever be as brooklyn as brooklyn?!

    • Corey, Brooklyn to the Burbs says:

      As for around this part of Westchester, I would say of all the towns nearby – Rye, Bronxville, Harrison, Scarsdale – Larchmont feels the most low-key and in that sense more Brooklyn. I don’t know that it feels totally BK to me, but I did hear one mom say she thinks it’s “just like Brooklyn”. There certainly are a lot of NYC transplants here which is great, and it’s very neighborhoody, so in that sense I can see what she means. I’ve definately heard of Brooklyn people moving to Hastings on the Hudson and Dobbs Ferry. Not anyone I personally know, but from other blogs I’ve read. And from this Hipsturbia article, seems like that’s the case. Hope that helps…

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