Finding Nemo


February 8, 2013 by Colleen Morris

Because my family is notorious for last minute vacations and we love deals–we just booked a cruise yesterday sailing next Sunday to the Bahamas from NYC.

The cruise was booked solid on Wednesday. But after several calls by my dedicated sun-craving husband, a jr. suite big enough for a family of 4 opened up. And we snatched it at a steal!

For those who hate flying with kids, and just want to get to your destination, I highly recommend this as an option. We are about an hour away from the port, and look forward to hopefully a hassle-free trip to the boat.

I was never into cruising until my husband convinced me of all the perks about 8 years ago. I actually now love the idea of unpacking our bags once and being able to explore several destinations on one trip.

We’ll be boarding a Royal Caribbean cruise ship, which offers day-time drop-off activities for kids of all-ages. Including a Jr. Marine Scientist program, which is actually perfect for my kid who is obsessed with creatures of the sea.

Royal Caribbean also offers private babysitters that come to straight to your cabin to ensure your little ones stay tucked-in while you go out for some mommy & daddy time. And because of liability reasons, they actually provide you with 2 sitters for the price of one. Win-win for parents who want both a family vacation and some adult time for late night dinner and dancing!

If adventure ocean camp sounds more appealing this year than ski camp, it may be worth checking out last minute cruise websites. However, I recommend calling directly vs. online booking reservations. If something opens up today, it may not be reflected immediately on the web.

I personally am very excited to trade-in snowstorm Nemo for aquatic Nemo this President’s Day week. Countdown for piña coladas at sea is on!

Bon Voyage, friends!



3 thoughts on “Finding Nemo

  1. Have a great time! We love cruises.

  2. Love cruises and deals too! Hmmm…. Curious how much it costs you for this cruise. 😉

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