I Love My Car

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January 22, 2013 by fifi + hop

Colleen and I are on the same page tonight. I almost titled this post Baby It’s Cold Outside. And then I saw her post when I had almost finished mine and thought about delaying sending it. But I love that we were both writing about the same topic. Of course we were, because our winters just got a whole lot better!

The one thing I’ve always bitched about since moving to the burbs is car culture, and the lack of walking and impromptu socializing. This week I take that all back. With these wicked temperatures I am soooo happy to have a car and to be driving, and not freaking strolling – hauling more like it – my two kids around in the damn double stroller!

Walking out to our car this morning (which isn’t right outside our door since we live in an apartment building…so my daughters do have to walk a little bit), my older daughter said “Mommy, run fast, it’s freezing out, I need to get to the car!” My response: “Just feel lucky to be going to school in a car this year, remember last year in the stroller when you couldn’t stop complaining about the ‘cold wind’?” She nodded in total delight in realizing this fact.  We both started to laugh at how happy we were to be climbing into our car.

I wonder sometimes how I did it – how all city moms do it. We lived on the second floor of a brownstone, with a stoop of about seven stairs. I would haul that double stroller up and down at least four times a day. In mild weather it was a pain in the butt, forget about wintertime and its frigid temps. Then I would walk the 15 -20 minutes in the freezing cold to school. But it wasn’t merely walking, it was serious pushing, with a small hill to contend with which didn’t help matters. 15/20 minutes doesn’t sound long, but in cold weather with two kids, it is. I used to justify it by saying I was just used to it and in auto pilot mode. Maybe that was ok for summertime, but now that I’m here in the suburbs for my first winter, I remember now how during the winter months I used to sort of grip myself the night before and without even realizing it, mentally prepare for the next day. I never really complained at the time because I wanted to be strong and completely “able”, but who am I kidding, it sucked!

All the things you have to do when out and about – school treks, play dates, groceries, vetenarian visits, CVS runs  – really are so much easier in the burbs. I do miss the walking around in the warmer months and am sure will feel nostalgic about that come spring. And of course I knew moving out here was going to be totally different in that respect. But right now I have to say…I love my car!

– Corey


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