Baby, it’s cold outside


January 22, 2013 by Colleen Morris

In the winter, I really miss walking around the corner in my old Brooklyn hood to get a steaming cup of Jacques Torres wicked hot chocolate. That velvety pudding top layer, with a hint of chili pepper, on a freezing cold day, was absolute heaven.

I especially enjoyed it when I was 8 and 9-months pregnant with my first, who was born in early March. My cravings were weekly, sometimes daily on blustery cold days in February. This also probably explains why James, now almost 5 years old, has his own hot cocoa hankerings.

What I don’t miss about city living is digging out my old torn and cracked plastic stroller cover – shoved way back in my overstuffed laundry room / makeshift second hall closet. And then trying to keep it velcro’d down in negative 15 degree wind chill so my frigid blue lip daughter didn’t become a human popsicle. I loathed that cover. It was so hard, crinkly, bulky and never, ever properly fit my Phil & Ted.

And because my then 18-month year old daughter, Quinn, refused to wear mittens or keep on a hat, and loved to remove her shoes and socks even in January – I had to put her into this ridiculous bright pink Columbia snow suit for 10-weeks straight. The kind of suit with fold-over hand and foot cuffs, and made for expeditions to the Arctic (or Brooklyn).

See attached photo for visual taken last winter on our morning walk to preschool in Brooklyn. And yes, James’ lips are actually quivering.

Last January was my breaking point. My 30-minute walk in freezing temps just to get James to preschool through Downtown Brooklyn was a trek not worth repeating. And Court Street in Downtown Brooklyn is not the most scenic place in Kings County. And you certainly don’t need to see it twice a day.

This January, I still miss those brisk, chilly walks with my husband or girlfriends to neighboring Vinegar Hill House. Sipping a glass of pinot downstairs next to the crackling fireplace. Or cozying up by the window in my old loft, and watching the snowfall against the cityscape. I cherish those memories.

I can also tell you driving the kids around today in my new Landrover with four-wheel drive and a 3-level (hot, hotter, hottest), as we like to call it, ‘tushy warmer’ – with a drive-thru drop-off option at their preschool is seriously better than a cup of Jacque Torres’ wicked. So even though my ass may be getting bigger in the burbs, it is a hell of a lot warmer!

Baby, it’s cold outside. And if I don’t have to be in it, I won’t. Stay warm tonight, friends. Burr.



2 thoughts on “Baby, it’s cold outside

  1. NB says:

    Thus I get to give you no amount of a four letter word for just realizing you now drive a Land Rover 😉

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