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January 19, 2013 by fifi + hop

I often think about what our life would be like if we just upped and left and went to another part of the country where the cost of living is, well, not what it is in the NYC area. Of course there are other expensive cities and parts of the U.S., but not quite like here. Living in this city, or one of the most expensive counties (Westchester) in the country where we do now, can be so damn stressful. I feel like I have this conversation with people over and over  – about how insanely costly everything is, but what do we do about it?


I was at a party earlier this fall and another guest I met was telling me how his best buddy who worked on Wall Street forever took the plunge and moved to his wife’s hometown, or home city actually, in the Midwest and he’s never looked back. Big house, unbelievable yard/property, and in general plenty to do, contrary to what some New Yorkers might think. He’s happier than he ever thought would be the case, has peace of mind, and is so glad to be out of the rat race. I was instantly envious when he told me his friend’s story.  His quality of life was just what I wanted. But the next day I thought – I could never move to the Midwest! I did that for college and four years was enough!


Weeks later I had plans in the city on a few different occasions. There was one night in particular when I realized – could I ever really leave the New York area? I had hopped on the train right by my home and 35 minutes later was in Grand Central. I love arriving at this beautiful station and experiencing every big city image/feeling it conjures up. I was on my way to the Modern restaurant, to be followed by a night at Carnegie Hall, after-party to top it off. The holidays were just upon us, already a jingling in the air from the Salvation Army workers ringing away. I walked up 5th Avenue, everything festive and sparkly and bustling, and a block away from the restaurant changed out of my flats and into my heels, ready to take on the night. It was such a quintessential New York moment, as all of us girls know, and I just wanted to yell out, I love this city!


I had some great nights like those this fall. The kind of nights where you feel like you just moved to the city. But I have to say at the end of every night I was happy to be taking the train (or car, depending on the hour) back home out of the city. I realize I definitely have a limit on how long I can handle masses of people, and chaos in general. I am part city girl, and part outdoors girl.  As I get older, the outdoors side beckons me more, but I guess it always has. Ok, so maybe I am more outdoors than city, but this city here will always draw me back, I love it so.


This past week I was again envisioning life someplace else, some place just a little more economically viable.  Somewhere I could get a nice piece of land at quarter the cost, somewhere I would feel like the weight has been taken off. No rat race, no competitive b.s. However, next weekend I am SO excited to go for the first time to the new Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn. I really can’t wait to check it out. We’re so close to the city, which is perfect. And around and around my mind goes…


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