My journey in the burbs continues…


January 18, 2013 by Colleen Morris

This week has been a huge shift for me, and my new attitude & gratitude for the burbs. Finally turned the corner!

My son started at an amazing preschool this week in a beautifully designed and brandnew ‘green’ facility overlooking a peaceful body of water. His program includes outdoor play on a new playground plus weekly swimming, gymnastics, sports, music and monthly enrichment – in a nurturing and stimulating environment with a fun, smart and silly teacher who loves dance parties. So blessed to have received a spot in this school and in this class. He’s thrilled, and I’m over the moon!

And thanks to a preschool parent meeting (with wine, of course!), my daughter’s new nature center class, a facebook introduction, a newcomers ladies night (with wine, again!) and dropping-in at a new community program — all this week — I got to meet and hang with some pretty cool and interesting mamas. These introductions and conversations have led to a few cell/email exchanges, and a few new playdates, most importantly for me, not just the kids.

I decided to do more, and put myself out there more, with a much more positive attitude. Maybe my new vulnerability plus glowing radiance (ha!) attracts other moms trying to find their place, just like me. Je ne sais pas!

It takes time, sometimes months, to find your groove, and I finally feel that I have. Amen to that!

I still have a long way to go on my journey in the burbs but 2013 is looking very hopeful.



2 thoughts on “My journey in the burbs continues…

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