November 4, 2012 by fifi + hop

As I sit here writing this in the wake of Sandy, it’s difficult for me to put into words what surely was the most devastating thing to have happened to NYC and its surrounding areas since September 11. Part of me could write page after endless page on my thoughts about all the overwhelming destruction many parts of the city and the Jersey Shore have had to endure, yet another part of me feels that anything I say will sound trivial in light of all the lives torn apart, houses destroyed, whole communities swept up.  And besides, anything I would write or reflect upon would mirror anyone else’s thoughts. Breezy Point for example – 100 plus houses burned to the ground.  Is there anyone else who doesn’t feel the same sharp pierce of emotion?: impossible to process, a horrific tragedy, and my heart goes out to that community that was just obliterated. We have all seen and heard the stories of those most affected, from Queens to Staten Island to Brooklyn to Lower Manhattan to the Jersey Shore. What more can I really say than what has already been said, than what we are all feeling and thinking – shock, sorrow, compassion.

So for this post instead of writing (more), I’ve decided to share an assortment of photos, from both pre and post Sandy. I love photographs because they can tell you so much in one quick image, and you can take from them what you see for yourself and create your own remembrance/documentation of – in this case – the awful Superstorm Sandy. They were all taken in and around Larchmont, where fortunately most everyone is ok, but nonetheless, where the town took a whopping blow as well.  Not at all to the degree of the above devastated areas, but we did get hit fairly badly – power is still out for many people, almost a week later.

Pre Sandy hitting land


Pre Sandy, 11:30 a.m.

Pre Sandy

Pre Sandy

Post Sandy

A tree went through the roof of my parents garage apartment, taking out one of the bedrooms – thank goodness no visitors.

Celebrating my older daughter’s 5th birthday, in the hallway of our building, where the generator provided light. We still tried to make it the best birthday ever.


– Corey






2 thoughts on “Sandy

  1. Jean Bartlett says:

    Corey, Thank you for sharing. We are all saddened by the loss of life and the devastation many are facing now.

  2. PhyPhy says:

    Cor – I particularly like the Addie-hallway-bday party bit. Nice to see you are incorporating photos! Take a look at this series in the NY Times Lens blog for a peek into the eerie Lower Manhattan:

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