Collecting Donations in #Darien for #Sandy relief efforts

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November 2, 2012 by Colleen Morris

Dear Friends in the Darien Community: 
After seeing the images of the East River swallow up Jane’s Carousel in my old neighborhood of Dumbo, Brooklyn. And driving around here in Fairfield County, Connecticut, and seeing the enormous trees, pulled up from the roots, laying across roads, power lines and homes. And then last night, watching Brian William’s special and hearing the cries for help from so many devastated families in Staten Island, Jersey Shore, and Newark, who are in dire need for shelter, drinkable water, and food. After seeing ALL of this, I feel compelled to help. 
I do feel limited in my efforts to help with the recovery of Hurricane Sandy, since I need to take care of my own two children, who are my first priority. And my husband, who is working remotely right now, must return to his office in NYC at some point. However, I can easily send out an email, from my home that now has power, and request my community to help. And I imagine many of you feel the exact same way. What can we do to help?
At first I wanted to collect diapers and bottled water, and personally deliver them to families in need. However, as I am learning this is not such an easy task. Besides transportation issues, there are bigger and better equipped organizations leading the recovery efforts in these devastated areas. And they are directly distributing the goods to the families and shelters. Besides volunteering for these organizations, the second best way to help is to donate money to them so they have the means to buy bottled water, non-persishable food, diapers, formula, clothing, etc. for these homeless families. 
Like so many of you, I am personally connected to NYC, and am collecting donations from families in our community for the Mayor’s Fund to support Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. 100% of the donations will be dispersed to relief efforts and organizations. NYC is currently identifying immediate aid needs, including food, water and hygiene supplies, as well as long-term relief and restoration efforts. The Mayor’s Fund provides support in all 5 NYC boroughs, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island–and your donation will definitely help those families in NYC impacted by the devastation caused from Hurricane Sandy. 
I feel like an affluent community like ours can easily help NYC families who are in dire need and so tragically affected by Hurricane Sandy. Can you help?
On behalf of our community, I would like to personally collect monetary donations, and will mail the donations securely to the Mayor’s Fund. If you would like to help, I am requesting $20 per family, either cash or check, to be donated. Of course, if you want to donate more then please by all means. Checks can be made payable to Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City. Indicate in the memo line: Hurricane Sandy Relief
You can drop off your cash/check donation to me at my home anytime today Friday November 2nd, Saturday, Sunday, Monday or Tuesday. I will overnight mail all of the donations collected on Wednesday November 7th. 
I would also be happy to communicate to you the total sum that was collected in our community for the Mayor’s Fund. If you would like more information on the Mayor’s Fund, or to make a donation directly online, go to
Since we have limited power and internet in our community right now, I thought personally collecting cash/check would be the best way to make a big impact. Since not everyone is connected to internet at this time, please spread the word by mouth. Or even call or text your friends who would be interested in helping. Or forward this post to your online community. Since I am still pretty new to town, having just moved here in mid August, I do not have a lot of friends from the Darien community linked to my Twitter or Facebook. Please help me spread the word to help with recovery efforts for Hurricane Sandy.
thank you in advance for your consideration– and reading my lengthy post, which took me an eternity to type with 2 kids at my feet. Lol. And if the Mayor’s Fund isn’t your cause, please consider other ways to help with the recovery efforts for Hurricane Sandy. If you are interested in making a donation to the Mayor’s Fund, please email me at Together we can make a big impact, and help those in need right now. 
Colleen Morris
Darien, Connecticut

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