The Benefits of Being Non-Committal (for now)

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October 27, 2012 by fifi + hop

Wow, almost a month since my last post…time has gotten the best of me. Something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately though, and something I think valuable to share with our readers – particularly those who may be thinking about moving – is the benefits of renting when moving to a new town or city. There have been a few articles published on this topic recently, mostly in regards to NYC and the tri state area, and it’s been interesting to read about other peoples’ experiences and how renting has fared for them. For some it gave them a good amount of time to see how they like their new town and if it’s a good match or not, for others it gave them an opportunity to get the “lay of the land” first and discover what neighborhood they’d like to buy in, and for others it was a good call because they decided suburban living wasn’t for them and they went back to the city.

For us, this flexibility and non-committal way of living has made the whole “moving to a new town” process easier and so much less daunting. Don’t get me wrong – as I mentioned in an earlier post, the rental market is on fire right now and just finding a rental out here was a very stressful situation for us. BUT, in the big picture, in terms of living in a new area with the goal of ultimately finding a new house and “settling down”, renting allows us the freedom to take things day by day and make sure we made the right move. To not feel all the pressure and stress of both moving to a new town and buying a new house (which for us will be the first time ever…we’ve always been renters).  For some people, especially those who know exactly where they want to live, it’s not a big deal, and all the more power to them. But for us, it is. I never really envisioned suburban living so close to the city, and always thought I’d end up a little further out, with a little more land. So to go to a place where I hadn’t initially thought of putting my roots down was a little nerve wracking. But so far things are going well, and the fact that we’re renting definitely takes a load off. It gives us the time and ability to really “figure” this town out and see if it’s for us or not.

Fortunately, so far we do like Larchmont. It’s grown on me, a lot. Great schools, good location in terms of proximity to the city and to the country (as I’ve really come to realize), village feeling, and people couldn’t be nicer.  It’s all starting to feel very “real” now…moving to the burbs from the city is an adjustment, and you never know how you’re actually going to like a place until you live there.  We like our set up in our building and being so close to the train, so we’ll probably stay put for at least a little while. And as far as house hunting goes, I have to say that’s another reason why I’m so glad we’re renting because now we’re really starting to get a feel for the different neighborhoods and where we might ideally like to be located. Prior to moving here we had no idea. I’m a very particular and specific person, as anyone close to me knows, so finding the right “spot” (both town and house) was always going to take some time.

Again, this is my personal experience and how it relates to me and my family – for all the home owners out there who have just moved, good for you and I hope to some day be in your shoes. But I wanted to share this because I know there are a lot of people out there, like me, who also want and need this non-committal way of living – in order to figure things out first – before taking the plunge and making the “commitment”.


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