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September 30, 2012 by fifi + hop

Top 5 Things I love about Larchmont (in no particular order)

Being on the Sound.

Larchmont Manor Park, which runs along the Long Island Sound, is nothing short of pristine. Walking along or running through the park by the water, with all its beautiful views of the sound, is one of my favorite things to do here. The beach, open in summertime, is great too. Just being in a town on the water automatically lends itself a relaxed feel, which I love.

Larchmont Public Library

To finally have a real library without the riff raff, and where we can actually check good books and movies out- it’s been forever! Nice library with a fantastic children’s wing, we all love this place.


Both my girls love their new schools. So far my older daughter’s public elementary school, Murray Avenue, seems great. She loves her teacher, and the communication between school/teacher and family is stellar. So far I’m impressed. Not to mention it’s a nice building located in a residential neighborhood. It feels quaint and warm and inviting, and not too big and overwhelming which was how I was afraid I’d feel transitioning from preschool to public.

Nature, in general

We’re not out in the country, but we’re surrounded by nature much more now. The green grass, trees, parks with fields, all the delicious smells abounding from flowers, fresh cut grass, trees bristling in the wind, I’ve been craving this. Not to mention all the environmental/ Audubon parks with trails that I haven’t explored yet.

Easier access to going places

We’re going up to North Salem today to take the girls apple picking with some other BK friends. No stress involved. Just hop in the car and go. Visiting family in CT and Westchester is no longer a production now. We love to travel and explore around – as do our girls – and now we can do much more of that.

Top 5 Things I Miss about Brooklyn (in no particular order)

Restaurants and Food

The food in Larchmont is ok. Not great. We still have much more to explore so who knows, but so far it pales in comparison. We miss the usual, Colonie, Calexico, Jack the Horse, Noodle Pudding, Prime Meat. But we also miss places like Damascus, where every Sunday night we’d get their falafel sandwich. I never had to tell them, I’d just walk in and the guys started preparing it right away. Still have not found a good Mediterranean place here, and it’s one of our favorite foods.

Art and Culture

The annual DUMBO photo and art show is going on this weekend. Gallery season started up again. Shows I want to see at MoMA, the Met, Natural History, etc. Always surrounded by creativity, I miss that. As I said in my last post, yes it’s a short train ride away, but it feels different when you know you’re not around it all the time or it’s not right at your finger tips. Psychological, maybe, but the feeling is there.

Brooklyn Bridge

Miss seeing it, walking on it, admiring it.

Atlantic Avenue

Atlantic Avenue rocks. It’s a long stretch with so many different types of businesses, it’s just bustling with interesting things to buy, look at, try on, eat, etc. It’s a designers haven – for both home and fashion- and being into home design myself, I really miss all the wonderful stores and dealers. There are so many of them. I didn’t have time to shop a lot, but when I did it’s a really neat place to go, with many local BK artisans’ works to choose from as well. We lived a block away from Atlantic so even when I just had to race out for milk it was nice to be around and “feel the energy” so to speak.

Brooklyn Bridge Park and Promenade

Brooklyn Bridge Park, from Pier 1 to Pier 6, is one of the greatest and coolest things to have happened to Brooklyn. And with much more to complete, it’s only going to get better. All the different playgrounds, water park, pool, wine bar (oh wine bar how I miss you!), Jane’s carousel, and late evening walks back from Pier 1 (location of wine bar in Dumbo) to Pier 6 (where we lived in Brooklyn Heights), strolling along the Hudson with breathtaking views of lower Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge..I miss that immensely. As my brother – who was coming to Dumbo for the first time over the summer said – “I feel like I’m on vacation”.  It’s a spectacular part of Brooklyn.


6 thoughts on “Top 5’s

  1. Phyllis B. Dooney says:

    Cor, I love reading your posts. You have a such a knack for communicating the nuances of your journey. I particularly like the simplicity of “Brooklyn Bridge!”

    • Corey, Brooklyn to the Burbs says:

      Thanks Phyl woman. It’s been fun and a nice little outlet. Not always easy to find the time, but as a fellow blogger you must know that!

  2. A little nature sounds nice. On the other hand, I probably shouldn’t mention that Atlantic Antic’s today . . .

  3. Nicole Goldberg says:

    Corey, I love this post for its brutal honesty. The grass is always greener on the other side! Brooklyn loves and misses you too (and so do I). We would LOVE a visit up to you.

    • Corey, Brooklyn to the Burbs says:

      Thanks so much Nic – I would love a visit from you guys. Let me know what your schedule is like these days and we can start planning. Miss you. xo

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