The new girl in town

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September 8, 2012 by Colleen Morris

So we moved, unpacked (most of) our stuff, then took off days later on a road trip to Montreal for an end-of-summer-last-minute-vacation with the kids. You know, the kinda vacation, where you need a vacation afterwards. Anyway…

As we drove back home, I kept thinking we were heading back to Brooklyn. But when we got off the Noroton Heights exit, I was actually surprised. This wasn’t home. Well, not yet anyway.

We’ve been back a week now. And when my husband returned to work on Tuesday, after a deep breath, I decided that this was the week to meet the neighbors and make a friend (or two).

It was tough at first. My mom, acting as my wing man, encouraged me to say hi to my very friendly neighbor. A lovely mom, who has 3 little boys all eager to swap scooters and ride-on-toys with my kids. And after the initial hi, hello, how are you– it gradually got easier to talk to her. She wasn’t much different than I. A happy mom simply trying to survive the day with her tots, who also likes to put on a fresh shirt and a little vanilla chapstick.

The next afternoon, I met a few more neighbors. A dad, a nanny, another stay at home mom. And a mini Grand Prix of jr. racers on bikes and scooters racing around in a circular path.

Next day, I ventured out on an hour walk, with the kids, scouting out families (and some nice houses) in our hood. A few head nods, hellos, and waves later, I was feeling pretty confident.

Then the following night, I had the preschool open house. I was definitely now ready to go face to face with these parents– and prepared for some casual conversations and introductions. Within minutes, I met a fabulous mom who was new like me.

We stuck together at the open house. And she even asked for my number at the end of the night, and for a playdate the next morning. I was ecstatic.

As my old neighbor once said being a new mom is a lot like dating. You play the field for a bit, and then find your mate.

The next morning, the kids and I met my new friend and her son at our beach playground. My first playdate. How exciting. I finally felt like I was a part of this town.

We both discussed our journeys coming to Darien. And while our stories were very different, we had one thing in common. We were brand new moms in this town.

Then Friday, I had the school playgroup. Faces were now a little more familiar. And we got to see each other as moms, and get a better sense of who’s cool. Not much different than highschool.

I definitely hit it off with a few super sweet down-to-earth mamas. And I really hope to be friends with these women. In fact, I’m looking forward to learning more about them.

One of the moms shared with me that the fun thing to do on weekend nights, with the kids, was to head to the beach with a bottle of wine and order pizza. So that night my husband and I went to our little beach to try out this new ritual.

After our kids made the introductions for us, we met a few really chill parents. They welcomed us right away into their group. Offered us a beer. And told us all about the local happenings and hot spots.

I feel very welcomed as the new girl in town. And very blessed to have met our friendly neighbors, resident and new moms. So far, I have to admit I’m diggin’ Darien.

Stay tuned. More to come on the trends in the burbs.



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