Week One

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August 25, 2012 by Colleen Morris

Well, we’ve been in the burbs for a little over a week. I was pretty anxious to get the move over with. And we managed to make it here all in one piece, and got out of living in boxes fairly painlessly and quickly. So far, I’ve only cursed out “the damn burbs” two times. And have felt overall pretty happy in my new surroundings.

Obviously, still getting acclimated. I’ve gotten lost in a 2-mile radius several times. Circled and missed turns too many times to admit. Continue to battle getting kids in and out of car, buckled up– and dealing with their whining about our new mode of transportation by putting Curious George on repeat in our car’s DVD player.

I am still being defeated by the technology of our 2012 Landrover. And being able to park it or maneuver it in any space more suitable for a Mini Cooper. For example, our very narrow garage is a daily challenge.

I have strolled up to my park and grocery store in a stroller, not SUV, to get a few glances. To me, it still seems foolish to drive 5-10 minutes away.

I have to either walk or drive our trash and recyclables up our street. Thank heavens, my husband effortlessly takes on this task as he walks to train in morning. Nothing beats our old building’s trash shoot down the hall.

And proudly, I have taken on role of handyman. Conquered cordless drill, hammer and nails. And hoping the cheap plastic anchors and screws stay put in our dry and flakey plastered walls another week or so.

Not to profile, but I’ve noticed an overwhelming number of attractive moms and dads. Slightly older. Blond and bronzed. Wearing Vineyard Vine’s or Lilly Pulitzer, and accessorizing in Tory Burch totes. I think my mostly Jcrew look blends in.

However, my city attitude sticks out. I’m so use to “not” being overly friendly. And just kinda doing my own thing with my kids and friends. Here, people actually make eye contact and say hello or even wave to you from afar. Complete strangers. I’m finding it challenging to open myself up and greet people in this manner. But I do need people.

Thanks everyone for following our journey. More to come on my kid’s perspective of life in the burbs.


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