We left our lock in Brooklyn


August 12, 2012 by Colleen Morris

I’ve been noticing random locks in various spots on the Brooklyn Bridge for a few years now. And these locks have been accumulating. During my last few runs over the bridge, I started to pause and look at them. Closer-up you can read the engraving. Mostly dates and names commemorating special occasions.

Yesterday, I came across an old lock that I used at the Y for James’ swim lessons. I didn’t have time for it to be engraved. So I wrote on a piece of paper our first name initials. B, C, J & Q and the date 8/11/12. And taped it several times to my little gold lock.

This morning, my husband and I along with James and Quinn walked over the bridge. My 4 year old son was eager to find the right place for our lock to hang. As we got right past the middle standing over the water, he looked up and said “Mom, here’s the spot!” We hooked it on, and stared at it for a few minutes. We took pictures of it, the bridge, our view, and even had a tourist offer to take a photo of all of us.

I had tears streaming down my face hidden behind my shades. I looked up at my husband barely able to utter the words “I’m so happy we left our lock in Brooklyn”.

Tonight when putting James to bed, he was reminiscing about our day. And asked if our lock would have other lock friends on the bridge. I told him yes, he would definitely make some friends on the bridge.

If anyone wants to leave their lock in Brooklyn, please know there’s a spot waiting for him next to ours. He’s a friendly, happy and loving lock. We’ll be back to check on him from time to time.



4 thoughts on “We left our lock in Brooklyn

  1. Jean says:

    What a good thing. Someday in about 45 years your lovely Lock story will be repeated to friends and Grand children. Memories are so precious. Sp glad yoou shared

  2. Thank you. I run across the bridge all the time and never saw the locks. Next time, I’ll slow down and look . . .

    I’ll look forward to following your adventures in the burbs. And if you get homesick for the mother borough, follow my blog about life as a Brooklyn mom, at http://roseauslander.wordpress.com

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