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July 25, 2012 by Colleen Morris


One of the best kept secrets in my hood are the swim lessons offered at the new Brooklyn Bridge Park pop-up pool. For $75, my 4 year old gets a 30-minutue swim class Monday-Thursday for 2 weeks. Considering the fact that I was forking over $40 per private lesson every week at the Y– this is a steal of a deal in NYC. And if you read my Not Gonna Miss list, then you know how much I loved trekking to the Y.

We chose the last session at 9:30am, which works out great since the pool opens up for public swim at 10am. It’s like having VIP access, as we get in before the crowds to claim our beach chairs. James, Quinn and I meander in at 8:45am, lather on the sunscreen, and enjoy the peace of a city beach without the city crowds. Minutes later, James’ best friend joins him, and they are racing their trucks in the sand.

While the kids have their swim lessons, the relatively small group of moms soak up the sun and browse our iphones for the latest FB updates. The music from the Beach Shack starts up, and the line down the Pier begins. As insiders, we glance over and whisper to each other how great these swim lessons are with a little smirk.

Now that you are in the know, it’s not too late to get-in on this classified urban oasis. There will be two more 2-week swim sessions starting August 6th. Register quickly though because I suspect this secret is out!



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