Colleen’s Not Gonna’ Miss Top 10


July 20, 2012 by Colleen Morris


So you got my Top 10 of what I love, now check out what I won’t be missing about my hood in the summertime!

#10. And I quote, “it’s a total nanny shit show”. My good friend referring to our local Library branch, one of the few free places to go to cool down with kids on a hot summer day.

#9. The friggin’ mosquitoes at Harry Chapin Playground. Around 4pm these suckers come out with a vengeance. By 5pm, my 2 year-old looks like she went to battle with these urban Jurassic-sized carnivores.

#8.  Feeling like a human sardine at the Brooklyn Bridge Park movie night. And the smell of feet, as my pregnant friend with heightened senses kindly pointed out. And here I thought it was the burnt popcorn.

#7. The stench from our neighborhood homeless people, Itchy & Scratchy. Do I really need to say more?

#6. Okay, last mention of offensive odor. But my bodega really smells like nasty kitty litter in the summer. And you ask why? Well, the cat that works there, as a rat killer, needs a proper place to urinate.

#5. How much I just paid for Summer Camp at the New York Kids Club.

#4. The awkwardness I feel asking a nanny at the playground if that toy in their stroller is my kid’s. You’d think by now, after having lost at least a dozen items, that I would permanent marker everything I own.

#3. The sand! It’s on the stroller seat. The wheels. Pouring out of my kid’s Crocs. The wet grainy substance now dried up in their pails flung down my hallway. Since we don’t drive out here in the city, it skips getting trapped in the car or the garage, and makes it straight to my living room.

#2. The 1-mile trek in a heat wave to get to the Y for James’ swim lesson. Then sitting in their steamy viewing room wiping the sweat from my brow. Oh, and the return-trip. James literally burnt through the rubber on his sneakers that day.

#1. The tan lines from my Tory Burch sandals. Because only someone who walks as much as I do could have her logo on the top of my feet.



One thought on “Colleen’s Not Gonna’ Miss Top 10

  1. […] per private lesson every week at the Y– this is a steal of a deal in NYC. And if you read my Not Gonna Miss list, then you know how much I loved trekking to the […]

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