Colleen’s Top 10

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July 19, 2012 by Colleen Morris


Here’s what I’ll miss most about my neighborhood in the summertime. Drum roll please.

#10. A breezy spin for $2 bucks on Jane’s Carousel. The music is so damn loud and cheerful that it instantly puts my kids and I in a good mood. It’s addictive.

#9. Ditch Plain’s overstuffed, oozing with goodness, Lobster Roll, while picnicking with pals on the sprawling, hilly greens of Pier 1.

#8. Early morning runs on the Brooklyn Bridge before the tourists, summer camps, and crazy-mad bicyclists take over.

#7. The Brooklyn Bridge Park pop-up pool. A pretty awesome, free, outdoor pool with a city beach and picnic area. Just get there before 10am to claim your beach chair.

#6. A pint or two of Brooklyn Summer Ale at Brooklyn Bridge Wine Bar with Brian. Especially welcoming after a long and sweaty walk back from Pier 6. And to that thought, never needing to worry about a designated driver.

#5. Afternoon playtime on my building’s rooftop. Even though our baby pool is better suited for a pedicure scrub, my kids and their friends love splashing in it.

#4. The “dinner man” from Miso Sushi, as my 4 year-old likes to call him. Wonder if I can get the Dumbo Roll delivered to Darien?

#3. The Walt Whitman “sprinkler” park. A favored pastime for many city kids including mine. Particularly great during a heatwave.

#2. Walking around the corner for my morning latte fix and everything bagel. Then plopping down on the bench with my breakfast at Empire Fulton Ferry park watching the boats go by.

#1. Simply knowing friendly faces wherever I may go in my neighborhood. Having my friends and their pretty darn cute kids down the street is invaluable.



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